Saturday, 1 August 2015

Again, a long time since my last post.  This time I took a few shots of some Sudan Dervishes to show you how I cheat on the numbers of figures.  Occasionally I will do some bases with lots of rocks and grass on them.  The pictured bases show a basing system I used about 20 years ago when I played Peter Gilder's rules for colonial gaming.  A fun set and available again, the mechanics were a bit clunky and the fun bits were Pony Wars.  Anyway, I left that behind but for BFE I retained the basing and it works fine -- a bit shallow and too wide, but for a Massed unit (front and rear stands combined into two larger bases) it works.  And all those rocks really look good and stretch my collection even further.  Haven't finished dry-brushing or flocking the last ones.

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