Monday, 15 September 2014

Battles for Empire 2: Errata and Rule changes and additions
September, 2014

There have been very few errata for the game but some corrections and clarifications are inevitable.  However, I have reconsidered some rules and these minor changes or additions are also noted below.

MG Jamming and Rapid Fire:
After rolling for firing effects, re-roll all misses and if any die result is a “1” the MG jams or the unit runs low on ammunition.  Otherwise, apply the rules for the effects of jamming and low ammo as written.

Imperial and Colonial Recruit Camel mounted units:
Imperial and Colonial Recruit camel mounted units may not initiate a charge while mounted.  If contacted in melee while mounted these camel borne units are automatically Shaken.  Apply the marker in the Movement Phase at the moment of contact. 

Imperial and Colonial Recruit camel borne units may attempt to Withdraw from melee.

Boer units moving and firing:

Boer units apply the -1 for moving and firing.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hello all.  Yes, I exist and have not entirely forgotten the blog.  Over the last 6 months lots has happened including getting married!  I have also finished writing an academic history book and worked on some other wargaming projects.  I will be posting here soon, however.  More pictures of my collection will follow and also some revisions and clarifications to the rules.  Fear not, BFE2 lives and breathes.  Indeed, a WWI version is in the works.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hi All,
I haven't forgotten the blog.  I am taking a photography course and hope to get some good shots of my figures for the blog.  Patience, my friends, patience.....

Saturday, 4 January 2014
You can purchase a pdf of the rules at the following link:

This is Eric Hotz's website linked to his Hotz Mats website.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Here are another couple of shots showing the basing of artillery, MGs (same as artillery) and a couple of the markers I use for losses and ammo.  The bottom image shows the shield markers I use for Disorder and Shaken, one shield and two shields respectively.  I know some people don't like markers on the table, but I think that these can be opportunities for adding chrome to the layout.  Ignore the dice…the picture was taken to illustrate a combat example that didn't make it into the book.

As I noted earlier, I have never blogged before, so here is a picture (I hope) of some figures from my Zulu War collection.  I will be taking better shots and will start posting informational content about the game.

This picture does illustrate the basic stands I use: 4 close order stands for the British; 4 loose order "massed" stands for the rifle armed Zulus (left) to allow them to form a skirmish line; and two big stands for the spear armed massed Zulus which combines the usual front and rear stands into one, but allows for the Deep Massed formation.

The figures here are Old Glory British and rifle armed Zulus, and Connoisseur spear armed Zulus.  I like the Connoisseur Zulus as they are single piece castings.  Not the best out there, but convenient because of the 'no assembly required' aspect.  I wish more companies would produce single piece castings.