Friday, 3 January 2014

As I noted earlier, I have never blogged before, so here is a picture (I hope) of some figures from my Zulu War collection.  I will be taking better shots and will start posting informational content about the game.

This picture does illustrate the basic stands I use: 4 close order stands for the British; 4 loose order "massed" stands for the rifle armed Zulus (left) to allow them to form a skirmish line; and two big stands for the spear armed massed Zulus which combines the usual front and rear stands into one, but allows for the Deep Massed formation.

The figures here are Old Glory British and rifle armed Zulus, and Connoisseur spear armed Zulus.  I like the Connoisseur Zulus as they are single piece castings.  Not the best out there, but convenient because of the 'no assembly required' aspect.  I wish more companies would produce single piece castings.


  1. Hi Chris, as a now-seasoned BFE campaigner at the Berkeley Vale club I will be following your blog with extreme interest :)

  2. Excellent. Thanks for your support.