Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hello all,
Again a long time between postings.  Work and family and Christmas blah, blah, blah....

I have not done much gaming, but have started a couple of new modelling projects.  After years of using old buildings of faking it with incorrect models, I am in the process of making and up-grading my collection of colonial buildings.  First are some proper Rorke's drift buildings.  I have fought this battle loads of times or at least variations on the theme, but never with representations of the buildings and position correctly modelled -- or at least close to it.  So, I have started by creating the basic shapes, one of which you can see below - this is the hospital.  As noted in the BFE scenario, it is more important to make the buildings fit your unit basing than getting them totally correct historically.

In addition, I got a bunch of basic ME wall sections from Warbases.  These are quite cheap and provide a great start for my modular wall system for the new ME buildings I have designed.  They will need quite a lot of work to bring them to life, but I like these basic shapes and they work well with my colonial basing (sorry about the Zulu War redcoats).

Finally there is a shot of something that I have been chipping on for a decade: Omaha Beach for Rapid Fire.   These German positions have been done for a couple of years, but I am still working on the US forces and the landing craft.  Getting close, but this project reminds me that the journey in wargaming is often more important than playing the game -- indeed, I really can't imagine that the game could possible live up to the effort gone into preparing for it.  Alas, that is OK.