Sunday, 23 August 2015

Back to BFE II.  Last Thursday we played the "Fighting Withdrawal" Sudan scenario which was developed by Matt Irsik of Warning Order fame.  It is a fictional scenario but quite clearly inspired by a certain debacle for the imperial forces...  I slightly amended the OOB to suit my collection - more camels.

This proved to be a real cracker of a game with swings of fortune dramatically shifting from the Dervishes to the Egyptians.  Initially the Dervishes crushed the Egyptian speed-bump force ordered to hold while the balance of the retreating Egyptians made for the village and fort.  Without the loss of a single unit the Dervishes destroyed several Egyptian units.  However, the rear guard did their job and the Egyptian column made it the buildings and hunkered down just in time.

Now the Dervishes started losing units at an alarming rate.  By the end of the game the Dervishes had taken the fort but were no where near taking the village leaving the victory to the initially demoralized Egyptians.  It was a fun evening.

The pictures are random but give  a sense of the action and how I base my miniatures.  I have a fairly pragmatic approach to painting and this collection is a combination of very old figures and newer ones.  The old ones are glossy still.  I love the old Connoisseur figures and just ordered some more.  However, I think the Old Glory range is excellent and many of my Dervishes are OG.  I have some Perry figures too that are quite nice.  Still love the old classics from Gilder, however.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Hi All,
The scenario supplement is finally here!  10 free scenarios.  Some are old, but rejigged for the new rules, and others are new both from my hand and others.  Please have a look at the following site and see the button at the top left for the free supplement:

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Something that has occupied me for a while....Armati Renaissance.  Here are some pictures of my Swedes led by the man himself.

Here is a close up of various bases stored in their box....  Note that rifle armed units are based "properly" (4 stands) to allow them to form skirmish line.
Again, a long time since my last post.  This time I took a few shots of some Sudan Dervishes to show you how I cheat on the numbers of figures.  Occasionally I will do some bases with lots of rocks and grass on them.  The pictured bases show a basing system I used about 20 years ago when I played Peter Gilder's rules for colonial gaming.  A fun set and available again, the mechanics were a bit clunky and the fun bits were Pony Wars.  Anyway, I left that behind but for BFE I retained the basing and it works fine -- a bit shallow and too wide, but for a Massed unit (front and rear stands combined into two larger bases) it works.  And all those rocks really look good and stretch my collection even further.  Haven't finished dry-brushing or flocking the last ones.