Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Again, it has been a while since the last BFE 2 post.  In addition to a heavy work load, I have been occupied with my group preparing two huge Shako 2 Napoleonics games: Ligny and Waterloo.  We presented these in 28mm at the US convention Enfilade.  They were vast undertakings and everyone (other than the organizers of the convention, it seems) were impressed by the games.  About 20 players committed to the two 8 hour games and seemed chuffed to have participated.

The guys were happy with the way it all came together after a year of painting and model making to supplement our existing collections.  It was a logistical and administrative challenge, but it worked.

My next project in terms of buildings is to replace my rather tired Sudan buildings and I finally want to make a dedicated set of buildings for Rorke's Drift.

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