Thursday, 2 April 2015

It has been a while since I posted.  Once again gotten in the way of gaming.  That said, I am involved in a large club project for my other gaming passion, Napoleonics using Shako II.  We have been preparing our collections to refight, you guessed it, Waterloo and, less commonly done, Ligny.  I have worked on the scenarios and am building the terrain.  This has entailed my wife and I modelling 19 villages and farms (La Haye and Hougoumont).  I am designing them on a small foot print.  So, the buildings are not to scale, but on a 6/6" square I try to get a church and 3-4 other buildings.  They are tall enough to give the impression that they are to scale, but the ground scale is very much reduced.  I like the effect in that once they are placed on the table the landscape is dotted with church steeples in a manner reminiscent of period battle paintings or those woodcuts of the 17th century.  Making buildings to scale means that one building is usually meant to represent a village.  Not my cup of tea.

Anyway, I will be back to colonials soon again.  I purchased the BP Sudan scenario book and it is quite useful.  The scenarios are rather simple, but easily converted to BFE 2.  My own scenarios seem to be interminably held up.  Sorry about that.

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