Saturday, 18 January 2020

Ulundi, well, sort of....

We played the scenario in the Skirmish Campaigns Zulu War scenario book designed for TSaTF.  I amended the scenario somewhat to suit BFE II.  Well, I was likely too generous to the Zulus.  This was definitely not the swan song of the Zulu nation and was, instead, a very heavy and ultimately losing fight for the British.  Nevertheless, it was great fun (at least for the Zulus) and it was great to get  BFE game on the table after lots of ancients and Napoleonics.

Here are some pictures.  Included are a couple of shots of some new units being based.  To stretch my collection I have used a few rocks to fill the base.  I like the look, but not really sure why I felt the need to do this.  I have about 40 Zulu units and this is really more than I ever need.

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