Thursday, 20 June 2019

Morocco 1910 FFL

Played a game using a buddy's FFL collection.  This is a rare thing, but it proved to be an excellent game.  I borrowed, in spirit, one of the Perry NWF scenarios that they posted on their FB page and adapted it to the FFL collection and BFE.  This meant adding many more units (albeit, smaller ones). The French advanced on the rough ground and village with the Berbers hidden but in LOS.  Ultimately some of the Berbers lost their discipline and became visible; the shooting started that ultimately favoured the French.  The Berber's left due to losses.  Had they maintained their silence, I think the French would have had a far more difficult time.

This raises an important point.  We are sometimes lax applying the LOS rules, but it is clear (by design) that they are important especially for indigenous armies that rely on terrain and firepower, however poor the musketry quality is.  Indeed, any army that wants to get as close as possible without getting nailed by long range Imperial firepower needs to use those rules.

How many of you find this too?

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