Friday, 20 July 2018

Renaissance battle: Novara, Swiss vs. French

I game across all periods of history and collect armies that are equally diverse, from ancient Hittites to the European armies WWII.  But my growing collection for the Italian Wars is one of my favourites.  I have some very old Gilder creations from both Hinchcliffe and Connoisseur to figures from Old Glory, Foundry and TAG.  They all happily mingle in my collection and I make no apologies for their compatibility or not.

Yesterday the group played the battle of Novara.  It was not the best scenario, but I always delight in getting the armies out and fortunately have a friend who obliges with his Swiss.  My scenario did not adequately represent the disarray of the French who were literally awoken by the Swiss keils bearing down on them.  Alas, in our game the Swiss got quite badly beaten.

Here are a few shots.  Wiener dog vs the bear!

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  1. Saw your August game so now I am browsing your blog for more Great Italian Wars eye candy.
    Love the wiener dog, I used to own one! (A real one not a toy like that :)