Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Back from Enfilade in Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia, Washington

A couple of weeks ago, a big Canadian contingent went to Enfilade, the US convention south of Seattle in Olympia, the state capital.  This was a really fantastic convention drawing people from the entire west coast.  We noticed that the quality of the terrain and figure collections was superb and there were some really fun participation games.  Of particular note was a huge 10mm Omaha beach game with homegrown rules, lots of action and all the vehicles, LCs and ships custom made on a 3D printer.  Impressive stuff.

It is alway gratifying to see some of the games that I have been involved in developing being presented.  Shako 2 and Armati 2 were being played (not just by us -- we did a couple of Armati games).  I was particularly impressed by the Shako game played on a large scale with 20mm figures. As 28mm figures get ever bigger, it is refreshing to see 20mm.  They look elegant, can be seen (15mm and smaller are too small although can be effective for certain kinds of rules and games) and therefore strike a very nice balance.  I note that John Ray (The military gentleman) is developing a range of SYW figures in 20mm.  I am tempted.

On the BFE front, we presented a WWI game representing part of Vimy Ridge.  My buddy Thomas Moore made a fantastic set of trench terrain boards and the game went really well.  We are still developing the BFE Great War rules and it has a way to go, but so far really good.

The only down side of the weekend was that I had a massive head cold that limited my will to live.  Thankfully the excitement of seeing such wonderful games and presenting a couple of them with enthusiastic players kept me going.


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