Saturday, 10 September 2016

A bit of Rapid Fire 

Like so many gaming groups, we play games from ancient times to WWII.  Avoiding generic rule sets to ensure period feel, we have to choose rules that are not too complex and allow for large multi-player games.  We use Armati for all early periods up to 1650, Shako II for Napoleonics, BFE II (of course) for colonials and WWI, and good old Rapid Fire for WWII.  We are still looking for the ACW rule set of choice -- we have tried loads over the years -- and pull out lots of naval, aviation and skirmish games for occasional fun.

A couple of weeks ago we played an Eastern Front Rapid Fire game.  We don't play WWII games as often as I would like, but RF lets us get into the game quickly and easily.  We did amend the small arms rules to a dice throwing system that is quicker and more fun, but overall we play the game as per the rules.  Here are a couple of shots....

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