Monday, 1 August 2016

Some New Colonials

Finally getting back into some painting.  Some time ago I sold off lots of my Sudan collection to generate some extra cash to expand the collection.  My figure choice is usually Connoisseur.  Gilder's style is my favourite and his Sudan range is excellent.  The figures take me back to the Wargames World magazine specials put out by WI that featured Gilder's Sudan campaign.  I played Gilder's Sudan rules.  Based on Pony Wars they were loads of fun and are now available, fleshed out and complete, from a crew in Australia.  Of course, I fell out with the rules as my go to set as they were a novelty.  Everyone on the same side and having the rules play the players was great for the odd game, but I wanted something that allowed for historical scenarios to be recreated.  Hence, BFE.

Anyway, back to the figures.  Connoisseur really suit the dipping method I use on most colonials.  In contrast to my Napoleonics (and Zulu War) that I paint with a black base coat, my Sudan, NWF and Boxer colonials are given a more utilitarian finish.  I still like the effect and think it suits the khaki, linen and earth tones common to many of the uniforms and dress of the period.  

You will notice that I also did up some Perry Bazingers.  These are nice figures, but forgive me if you are Perry fan-boys (or girls) but Perry figures can drive me crazy.  As nicely sculpted as they are, they lack some of the cartoonish character of the Connoisseur line.  Also, in contrast to Bicorne's fantastic casting quality of Gilder's figures, Perry figures, with all those venting 'worms' that I never find prior to painting, can be frustrating. I also find the smoother finish is a little less friendly to dipping.

Alas, these are small gripes and we are lucky to have so many wonderful figure choices.  Now on to finish painting the bases, dry brushing, and flocking them.

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