Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back again.  Managed to play a quick game using one of the scenarios from the scenario supplement. This is one that was written and played many years ago but hadn't had an outing in a long time.  Intombe or Meyer's Drift.  This was a riot.  The British player was completely caught flat footed.  In fact, asleep!  Somehow, the Zulus just couldn't finish off the last British unit getting across the drift.  In fairness, the British player threw in his supports to save the fleeing redcoats really effectively.  Lots of fun.  There is also a picture of my basic Rorke's Drift buildings.  Still lots to do on them, but the basic buildings are coming along.  I decided to start by painting them in a colour that I think represents local materials - reddish mud.  I might paint the hospital in a white wash.  Not sure.

Hope that you are having fun with toy soldiers using Battles for Empire.  Please do remember that the  scenario supplement is free at the link to BFE at Hotz.


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